Carol & Joe from Ohio

Charlie could not be a better Golden Retriever pup. He’ll be 4 months old next weekend and he loves everyone he meets! He’s a cuddle bug in the home without being overly dependent or clingy. He’s very even and balanced. Nothing phases him. If another dog is aggressive, he just ignores it. There is not a mean bone in his body. Housebreaking went very well and he barks to go out. We get a lot of tender kisses from him.

It’s hard to describe Charlie’s color so far, but I’d call it light butterscotch. His permanent coat is coming in about 6-8 inches wide down his back, and it’s quite straight, no curls. Feathering has just begun on his tail. He still has his fuzzy, puppy head hair. He’s learned to lick us instead of play biting. He’s also learned a lot of English words and learns very fast, like the second try. His bark is deepening, and I joke that he is in his ugly duckling stage – our gangly teenager. Still, he is handsome enough that occasionally, people stop their cars to ask about him and admire him. He is our social ambassador. He’s getting so big that it’s hard to remember that he’s still a puppy!

He shares a trait with his 1/2 brother who lives across the street – they like to get up on a couch pillow at the back of the couch behind us and put their head on our shoulders. Obviously, both are quite spoiled.