Best Brush For A Golden Retriever

What kind of dog do you have? All dogs, even the sleek short haired ones are going to need some kind of grooming routine. Dog grooming products such as brushes and combs will be necessary because most dogs shed. Read more about when and how much a golden retriever sheds here.

Some dogs will shed a lot while others seem to not shed at all. All dogs shed in different amounts and a Golden Retriever with his thick, double coat sheds all year round.

Why You Need To Brush Your Golden Retriever

Brushing your dog doesn’t only remove loose hairs, the whole brushing experience becomes like a bonding experience. A good idea  will be to start grooming your dog when they’re young, possibly when they don’t even need it. This can prevent brushing problems later on when they need to be brushed. 

Your puppy may object to it at first but with time he will become used to brushing sessions and will even come to enjoy it as a relaxing experience. Many will start out not liking to be groomed at all. However, over time, many will calm down and begin to enjoy the routine.

4 Best Brushes For Your Golden Retriever

brush for golden retriever


When you choose brushes and combs for your Golden Retriever, always look for professional quality tools. Choose a nice spot to brush your pet where you are both comfortable.

Before you start brushing your pet, spray the fur with a good coat spray that can reduce static and allow you to brush smoothly and avoid aggravating your pet. These sprays will moisture and detangle your Golden’s hair with its blend of conditioning agents that strengthen and nourish his fur, giving it a silky shine.

Your dog’s golden locks simply require a good brush every other day. Regular brushing will reduce matting especially in the areas behind the ears, the belly and the back legs.

When you brush your Golden Retriever, always brush in the direction that the coat grows.

What brush should you use? When you start researching grooming brushes for dogs, you’ll find different styles and be wondering which one suits the double coat of the Golden Retriever. You have to take a dog’s coat into account when choosing brushes if you want the brush to perform the way it should.

A bit of research will guide you to brushes that suit the long silky coat of the Golden Retriever and each one will come with their own set of pros and cons. Golden retrievers have a double coat. The undercoat is thick and soft while the outer coat is long and silky. You have to carefully choose a brush for your Golden that will get to both the coats.

Some of the brushes you will come across in your search –

  • Slicker brushes
  • Rubber brushes
  • Undercoat rakes or deshedder brushes
  • Bristle brushes
  • Double sided brushes
  • Combs

A person mustn’t forget that because these brushes for dogs come in different styles, you’ve got to think about the size of your hands and their strength. You want to be looking at ergonomic brushes that are easy on your hands and wrists.

Slicker brushes

A slicker brush is literally one of the best brushes for your Golden Retriever. You get a few options and you’ll want the one that you can use with confidence. That will be the brush that swiftly brushes out your pet’s coat without causing any pain and leaves the coat soft, shiny and silky.

A slicker brush has fine wire bristles on a flat or curved base. Some of these bristles are slightly rounded to ensure a painless, soothing brush. Look out for additional features on slicker brushes.

One useful feature and good selling point is a button, which when pressed, causes the wires to retract and the hair to fall away, saving you a lot of time having to clean the brush. Slicker brushes remove tangles in the coat and are ideal for every coat type, distributing oils well and making the coat shiny. The bristles vary in length and spacing and the longer the hair, the more widely spaced and longer the bristles will be.

Rubber brushes

Rubber brushes are useful in that they are looked upon as a multifunctional tool. They don’t only brush your dog’s fur but they massage the skin too and get the blood flowing to nourish the skin and the hair.

Poor blood circulation and stress are important overall causes of hair loss in a pet. It can even be caused by side effects of medicines your dog is on, so these brushing sessions are a time to check your pet over. They can be used on all kinds of dog coats.

Some of these rubber brushes have handles and others don’t. These rubber deshedding and massaging brushes will relax your pet and are usually made with medical grade silicone that is approved by veterinarians and used by groomers. They’re perfect for wet or dry fur. Look for the 2-sided rubber brushes where the other side can be used to remove dog hair from clothing and furniture.

Undercoat rake

A dog undercoat rake, with its wide set of teeth will allow you to tackle the top- and undercoat of your Golden Retriever. The undercoat rake is a versatile brush, allowing you to get deep into the coat right down to the undercoat to remove tangles and matts. 

These brushes detangle and smooth the fur without pulling. You have to be careful with these undercoat rakes, and in fact, there are some professional groomers that don’t use and won’t recommend them for you to use either as if used incorrectly they can cause damage to the dog’s undercoat.

Bristle brush

The bristle brush works well with your Golden Retriever’s topcoat. It removes trapped dirt, loose hairs and dead skin and removes all tangles from your Golden’s outer fur. With densely packed bristles you will also be helping to stimulate blood circulation to promote shiny, healthy hair.

They can be used on all dog coat types but the size and spacing of the bristles will determine if you should use the brush on a short- or long haired dog. The longer bristles are better suited for longer haired dogs. Most times, these bristle brushes are used once tangles have already been removed with a slicker brush or comb. 

Sometimes these brushes can be combined and can be a double sided pin- and bristle brush combined. They are usually self-cleaning brushes.

Other features to look for in brushes for dogs

So what else should you look out for when looking for a high quality brush for your Golden Retriever?

Don’t just rush out and buy the first brush you see in the local supermarket for your Golden Retriever puppy. Goldens are super special and with that famous golden coat, you want to make the right brush choice.


You’ll need a tough durable brush for your Golden and that offers maximum coat penetration. Find a brush that penetrates deeply into your dog’s coat, but which is gentle on the skin. You’ll be brushing your pet often so make sure you buy a robust brush that stands up to the test of time.

Get to Know your Dog’s Coat while Brushing

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Your dog thrives on the effort you make with him to prevent tangles and matting. It’s a good time to take a hard look at your pet’s coat. This is because a dog’s coat can give away some answers to your dog’s health. 

If your dog has a healthy coat and is in good health the coat will be soft to the touch. The coat should never be excessively oily or have a fatty, unpleasant smell to it which could be indicative of yeast build up or bacteria. 

It shouldn’t have a dusty appearance or have balls of undercoat fur coming out all the time. This kind of coat could be telling you that your pet is possibly dealing with allergies, hormonal imbalances, infections or some other issues.

You’ll need to understand your dog’s coat before you decide on a brush – for tangles or for shedding.  If your dog sheds quite heavily, a slicker brush will help you work through any matting and remove loose, dead hairs. 

A pin brush is a good maintenance tool for your dog’s coat as it is gentle on your pet. However, when your dog’s coat is badly matted, a pin brush might well lack the strength to tackle serious matting. Dogs with long coats will always have to contend with tangling or matting and these dogs will require just a bit more brushing than other dog breeds. 

A slicker brush can remove matting and loose undercoat hair. Many Golden Retriever owners like to follow brushing with the use of a metal comb to finish up on what the slicker brush missed out on. 

If you’re the type of person who can’t bear the thought of a whole conglomeration of brushes, but just want one,  then a slicker brush would be your best bet. 

Never shave your Golden to prevent shedding and brushing

The beautiful golden retriever is a double-coated breed, meaning that its coat is made up of two parts – the silky outcoat and the soft undercoat. The two coats of the Golden Retriever protects the dog in different ways. 

The Golden Retriever isn’t meant to go to a grooming parlor to have his hair shaved. He is two-coated for a reason and he requires both coats to keep him protected and healthy. He sheds throughout the year with a couple of heavy shedding periods. 

Deshedding tools will prevent all that loose hair throughout your home. These brushing tools remove loose fur from the topcoat, while also being able to reach the undercoat to remove dead fur in one smooth motion. You will find some good brands to choose from that work well on most coat types. 

A good brush will be required to keep his coat healthy, tangle free and shiny. Brushing is actually an easy task and while you never need a professional groomer for your dog, there’s no harm in taking him there for a good wash and brush every 6 weeks or so. 

Matting may require professional grooming

If you’ve just returned from a hiking trip with your water-loving, sporty Golden Retriever, if his coat is matted, a more intensive, professional washing and brushing session might be required. Professional dog groomers are equipped with all the right tools and grooming items for every breed of dog that comes through their doors.

They make use of a full set of dog brushes suited for puppies. They also use nylon bristle brushes for regular grooming.  Many dog owners don’t realize that having matted hair is bad for a dog and that leaving it can lead to diseases and skin infections. 

Matting blocks airflow and simply allows for an environment that suits the development of skin infections. 

Brushing is an essential part of a good grooming routine and will help keep your dog’s coat healthy and looking good. It’s easy to do yourself, but you’ll need a few tools and techniques to do the job right.

There is nothing more lovely than a well groomed Golden Retriever with his shiny, golden locks loose and flowing. With a few simple tools and a half hour to spare every other day, your beautiful canine companion can always look like a show dog. 

What’s more, the beauty about owning a Golden Retriever is that it doesn’t require any heavy grooming that some dog breeds require. A good brush will ensure a healthy coat and prevent problems.  

How Often To Brush Your Golden Retriever

Before you think of grooming your Golden Retriever at home, make sure that you have the right grooming tools. Use a brush that is intended for the coat of your dog breed. 

Your double coated Golden will need the kind of brush that suits long haired breeds. You can always check with your breeder or veterinarian who can offer advice on what the best brush option is. Brushing removes all dirt, keeps matting at bay, controls shedding and ensures a shiny, healthy coat.

Knowing the best brush for the Golden Retriever

You’re not likely to find just one brush that you’re happy with for your Golden Retriever although the slicker brush comes pretty close as being ideal. Because of their 2-layered coat, it may be a good idea to have some different brushes and combs. 

Brushing the top coat and the undercoat is important to avoid matting and disease. A dog with any kind of skin issues won’t tolerate being brushed and then your beautiful Golden will lose his glow. 

Pet product manufacturers offer every kind of brush and comb you will need and by investing in the right brushes and other grooming products your pet will reap the benefits for his entire lifetime.


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