11 Best Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies

In this article, we will discuss the best teething toys for Golden Retriever puppies to help you choose the appropriate toys to ease their discomfort and keep them entertained, as well as why chew toys are important for Golden Retrievers. So, if you have a teething Golden Retriever, keep reading to find out more.

Best Teething Toys For Golden Retrievers Puppies

Golden Retriever puppies are adorable, but they can be quite the handful when it comes to teething. They’ll gnaw on anything they can get their teeth into, including your favorite shoes and furniture. A good selection of teething toys is critical to protect your belongings and keep your pup happy. 

Check out our top picks for the best Golden Retriever puppy teething toys:

Nylabone Teething Ring

This teething ring is made of super-durable nylon that can withstand even the most ferocious chewers and is ideal for soothing sore gums.The ring shape makes it easy for your pup to grip and carry.

Benebone Wishbone

The Benebone Wishbone, made of natural bacon flavor and nylon, will keep your pup entertained longer than most chew toys. The wishbone shape is easy for your puppy to grasp and chew on.

Kong Goodie Bone

The Kong Goodie Bone is a great introductory toy for puppies, just starting with chew toys. It has small holes at the ends for stuffing with treats or peanut butter, making it even more appealing to your pet. The soft material is ideal for puppies with sensitive mouths.

Kong Dental Stick

Like the Goodie Bone, the Kong Dental Stick has ridges that help massage your puppy’s gums. It’s also made of soft material and has pockets for treats or peanut butter, making it an excellent toy for teething puppies.

Rope Toys


Rope toys are great for getting between your puppy’s teeth and massaging their gums. They also serve as a tug rope which is a fun game to play with your pup. However, remember that they do not last as long as other chew toys.

Benebone Wood Stick

Another durable option your puppy will enjoy is this Benebone Wood Stick, made of natural wood and nylon. It’s both tasty and long-lasting and is a great way to satisfy your puppy’s chewing urge.

Bully Sticks

These dried bull tendons are popular among dogs, particularly Golden Retrievers. They’re highly entertaining and will keep your puppy entertained for hours. Keep an eye on your pup while they chew, as they can be a choking hazard.

Nylabone Dental Bone

The Nylabone Dental Bone is designed to clean your puppy’s teeth and massage their gums. It has bumps all over the bone to help keep teeth clean. The soft material is also gentle on puppies’ tender gums, making it an excellent toy for puppies just beginning to teethe.

West Paw Dog Bone

The West Paw Dog Bone is a challenging and bouncy chew toy your puppy will adore. It’s made of tough rubber and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. In addition, the give-in rubber makes it a fun chew toy for your puppy.

Planet Dog Orbee

The Planet Dog Orbee is a bouncy, durable ball for teething puppies. It’s also suitable for fetch and other games. You can feel good about giving it to your dog because it is made of non-toxic, recyclable materials.

Classic Kong

The Classic Kong is a versatile toy ideal for keeping your puppy entertained. It’s made of tough rubber and is also great for chewing. Fill it with treats or peanut butter and freeze it for an added challenge.

Teething toys are essential for puppies because they relieve teething discomfort. You can help your puppy through this challenging phase while protecting your home with suitable teething toys. Chewing on toys relieves sore gums and can help prevent destructive chewing behavior. To keep your puppy engaged and satisfied, provide a variety of textures and shapes.

How To Choose The Best Toy Your Golden Retriever Puppy

There are several factors to consider when choosing teething toys for puppies to ensure your furry friend gets the best toys for their needs. Here are some key points to remember:

1. Your Golden Retriever’s Age

Puppies go through different stages of teething, so choosing chew toys appropriate for their age is vital. To soothe their gums, for example, at 8-12 weeks, you can select a Nylabone teething ring or a Kong Natural Teething Rubber Puppy Toy filled with frozen treats. You can introduce adult chew toys such as rope or fetch when they are past the teething stage (around 24 weeks).

2. The Type Of Toy  

Numerous teething toys for puppies are available, but some of the best options include sturdy rubber toys that provide both safety and durability. Natural chew toys, such as bones, antlers, or hooves, should be avoided because they may be too hard or too large for your pup’s mouth. Bully sticks are also a good option for teething puppies.

3. The Safety & Durability For Your Puppy 

Regarding puppy teething toys, it’s critical to prioritize safety and durability. Many puppy teething toys are softer than adult toys because they are gentle enough for developing teeth but firm enough to withstand chewing. Look for durable rubber toys that can withstand chewing without breaking apart and posing a choking hazard.

4. Your Golden Retriever’s Chew Level

A teething stick can be an excellent option if your puppy is an aggressive chewer or belongs to a larger breed. Although products like the Kong Puppy Teething Stick are designed to be indestructible, it is still critical to supervise your puppy’s play with any toy to ensure their safety.

You can choose the best toys for your furry friend by keeping these factors in mind, allowing them to get through their teething phase easily and comfortably.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Need Chew Toys?

Chewing is an innate need in dogs because it releases endorphins, which make them feel good and relaxed. Unfortunately, this can lead to destructive chewing of household items. Chew toys offer a safe outlet for your Golden Retriever puppy’s natural chewing tendencies. 

You can redirect your puppy’s chewing habits to appropriate items by introducing them to chew toys. In addition, chew toys are crucial for puppies during the teething stage. Their mouths become sore as their adult teeth emerge, and chew toys can provide relief.

Furthermore, Golden Retrievers are known to be a mouthy breed. Because their breeding history includes carrying hunted birds in their mouths, they are accustomed to using their mouths frequently. As a result, chew toys are an essential tool for satisfying their needs while protecting your belongings.

When To Give Your Puppy Chew Toys

Chew toys are a great addition to your puppy’s life at any time of day. There is no wrong time for a puppy to pick up a chew toy and begin gnawing. Chew toys are beneficial during crate training because they can keep your pup entertained and focused on something that makes them happy rather than feeling lonely in their crate.

If your dog is tearing around the house, a peanut butter chew toy or a bully stick can be a great way to distract them and get them to focus on something else. Additionally, chew toys can help a hyper puppy relax. Your pup will be ready to nap after a chewing session and a quick potty break.

Supervising your puppy when using new chew toys is critical because some are less durable than others and can be easily chewed through. If your puppy chews through the toy quickly, the pieces may be swallowed or choked on. As a result, when choosing chew toys for your puppy’s crate, ensure they’re sturdy and safe to avoid accidents.

How To Get Your Golden Puppy To Love Chew Toys

Chew toys can be a fun and exciting way to keep your puppy entertained and happy, but they may require some encouragement to get started. Here are some valuable tips to help your puppy learn to love their chew toys:

  1. Treat them with peanut butter: Most puppies adore peanut butter, and smearing some on a new chew toy can instantly make it more appealing. As they lick and chew the toy, they associate it with the tasty treat and develop a fondness for it.
  2. Toy rotation and storage: Because puppies enjoy new toys, try rotating and storing their chew toys in a toy bin. When you bring out a toy they haven’t seen in a long time, they become excited and eager to play with it again.
  3. Choose the proper size: It is critical to select appropriate toys for your puppy’s mouth. Toys that are too small can pose a choking hazard, whereas toys that are too large may be difficult for your dog to grip and chew on.
  4. Put toys in the freezer: When your puppy is teething, their mouth may be sore and hot. Put their chew toys in the freezer for a few minutes to cool them down and provide extra relief for their sore gums.
  5. Praise them for chewing: Positive reinforcement is essential for getting your puppy to enjoy their chew toys. When you see them happily chewing on a toy, praise and encourage them, telling them how well they’re doing.

How to Get a Golden Retriever to Stop Chewing?

Chewing is an entirely normal behavior in dogs, but it can become a problem when it becomes excessive and causes damage to household items such as shoes, carpets, and clothing. To prevent this, provide your Golden Retriever with a safe chew toy they can enjoy.

Another cause of excessive chewing in dogs is a lack of attention from their owner. As a result, it’s critical to lavish your pup with love and attention to keep them from feeling neglected. Training is also essential in reducing excessive chewing habits. Teach your dog not to chew on anything they come across by rewarding good behavior with positive reinforcement.

Finally, exercise is essential. Golden retrievers are active dogs who require moderate to vigorous exercise regularly. They may become destructive and aggressive chewers if they do not get enough exercise. So give them plenty of opportunities to run, play, and let off steam healthily.

FAQs About Golden Retriever Puppy Teething Toys

How often should I replace my Golden Retriever puppy’s teething toys?

It’s important to regularly check your Golden Retriever puppy’s teething toys for signs of wear and tear, and to replace them as needed. The frequency at which you need to replace the toys will depend on how aggressively your puppy chews and how often they play with the toys. As a general rule of thumb, you should replace teething toys when they become damaged or start to show signs of wear, as this can pose a choking hazard or lead to ingestion of small pieces.

Can I give my Golden Retriever puppy frozen teething toys?

Absolutely! You can give your Golden Retriever puppy frozen teething toys. Frozen toys can provide additional relief for sore and swollen gums during the teething process. However, it’s important to avoid giving your puppy toys that are too hard or frozen solid, as this can cause damage to their teeth or gums. Be sure to monitor your puppy when they are playing with frozen toys and remove them if they become damaged or if your puppy seems to be having difficulty chewing.

Can teething toys help redirect my Golden Retriever puppy’s biting behavior?

Yes, teething toys can help redirect your Golden Retriever puppy’s biting behavior. Golden Retriever puppies, like all puppies, will go through a teething phase during which they may be more prone to biting and chewing on objects around the house. Providing appropriate teething toys can redirect their chewing behavior to appropriate objects and help prevent destructive chewing of household items. It’s important to supervise your puppy’s chewing behavior and redirect them to appropriate toys if they begin to chew on something they shouldn’t. Additionally, consistent positive reinforcement training can help teach your puppy appropriate chewing behavior.

Are there any specific teething toys that can help clean my puppy’s teeth?

There are specific teething toys that can help clean your puppy’s teeth. Toys that are designed to promote dental health often have ridges, bumps, or other textures that can help scrape away plaque and tartar as your puppy chews. Some toys may also contain enzymes that break down plaque and tartar, reducing the risk of dental problems. Harder toys made from materials like nylon or hard rubber can also help clean teeth and exercise the jaw. Be sure to choose toys that are the appropriate size and texture for your puppy’s age and chewing habits.

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