The First Night With Your Golden Retriever Puppy (Start Here!)

While golden retriever puppies are naturally friendly and playful, they can still feel anxious and scared when spending their first night in a new home.

After all, when you buy golden retriever puppies, you bring them into a new environment, away from those they already know and love.

Because the first night can set the tone for the relationship, it is essential that you provide your puppy with warmth and care, even if they start to whine.

It helps to set up a nightly routine. Start by taking your golden retriever puppy outside to go to the bathroom. This will make him less likely to have an accident in the middle of the night. Going on an evening walk can also help your puppy fall asleep more easily. Make sure you feed them with best dog food for golden retrievers and keep them well hydrated during the day. That will also help them get a good nights rest.

Golden retriever puppies can feel frightened if they are kept in an isolated area during the night, and this will cause them to whine and scratch at their crate. Different types of golden retrievers can also act differently when they are isolated. Most of it will depend on your individual puppy.

Instead, keep your puppy’s crate in or close to your bedroom so he can feel calm and secure. This way, you’ll also be able to hear if your puppy wakes up needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Above all else, demonstrate your love for your golden retriever puppy. A caring, loving attitude will help relieve your puppy’s anxieties and get your relationship started on the right track.

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