Fun Facts About Golden Retriever Puppies

We love our golden retriever puppies, and we’re sure you do, too! Naturally, this leads us to want to know everything we can about our favorite breed. Here are a few fun facts we’ve found as we’ve learned more about golden retrievers—some you might already know, and others you might not.

Golden retrievers are considered to be a relatively new breed. Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks of Scotland was credited with “developing” golden retrievers during the 19th century, but they weren’t officially recognized as a dog breed by the AKC until 1925.

Golden retrievers are ranked as the 4th smartest dog breed, and they are very easy to train, which has led to them becoming a popular choice for movies and TV.

Golden retriever puppies are also very caring. They are frequently used as therapy animals, and are known to even take care of cats! Because of their highly social nature, golden retriever puppies can actually become depressed if left alone for over seven hours.

Smart, friendly, and loyal, these facts make it easy to see why golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country! These fun pups are sure to brighten up any home.

Galen has been connecting quality Golden Retriever breeders with loving families since 2012 and is the founder of My Golden Retriever Puppies. He and his wife have four children and love spending time together, traveling (lived oversees for 4 years), enjoying the outdoors and connecting Golden families.