Golden Retriever Puppies: Everything You Need To Know

Golden Retriever Puppies

Did you know that people with dogs are happier?

Dogs are man’s best friends for plenty of reasons. Aside from forcing you to get more active, having a canine friend can reduce stress for people of all ages.

If you’re planning on adopting golden retriever puppies, you need the right preparations. For starters, vaccinations start at 6-8 weeks old and should be spaced out every two weeks. After you pick up some golden retriever dog food and toys, all that’s left is choosing a lucky pup to bring home.

Golden retrievers have a reputation for being some of the best dog breeds for families. However, that doesn’t mean that owning a golden retriever is a walk in the park. No dog breed is perfect, and often, a dog grows as a product of its owner’s practices.

Are you looking to bring home a golden retriever puppy? Read on for an in-depth golden retriever guide to prepare you for your new best friend for life.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Dogs?

Of course, all dogs are the best boys and girls and deserve all the belly rubs in the world! However, when people ask if a golden retriever is a good dog, they want to know if the breed is a good fit for them. It’s an essential question because temperament, energy levels, and other breed-specific traits matter.

Some dogs also require extensive maintenance and can be too much for a beginner dog handler. For people wanting to make sure a golden is good for their lifestyle, the quick answer is yes. Golden retrievers are an all-around versatile breed for all kinds of people and are the best dogs you could ask for.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Golden retrievers are amazing with kids and make for great family dogs. Goldens are a gentle bunch, and their intelligence and patience are often under-appreciated.

This is because they’re often known for how goofy and fun they can be. Anyone who’s watched a golden knows how caring and tolerant they are. They can handle household noise and curious toddlers with the patience of a saint.

Golden Retrievers Personality

If you’re serious about getting a golden retriever, it’s best to get an idea about golden retriever characteristics.

As a breed, they are well known for their loving, patient, gentle, and fun-loving nature. You’ll rarely see personality problems from a golden retriever, as long as you pay attention and care for them.

We’ll break down some of the biggest hits for the Golden retriever personality below.

Golden Retrievers Are Rarely Aggressive

Goldens don’t have a reputation for being aggressive. On the contrary, they’re usually known for being cuddly goofballs. Goldens are some of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet.

That said, it’s worth noting this is a personality trait. While 9/10 golden’s won’t be aggressive, it’s always possible to find one that is. This is largely a result of upbringing and conditioning, as any dog can become aggressive if mistreated.

If you want a friendly golden retriever, do your part and give them the love and care they need.

Golden Retrievers Are Affectionate

Goldens are affectionate and are sure to get along with any dog or person they meet. A golden retriever will surely make a good impression if you have a kid and it’s their first time meeting a dog. It’s baked into their personalities to be loving.

This is why you often see them excelling as therapy, comfort, and emotional support dogs.

Golden Retrievers Have Wonderful Personalities

There is nothing to not like about the personalities of this breed. They love to have fun, but they also like going with the flow. They’ll greet strangers with equal love and excitement as their own family.

Given their history as hunting dogs, golden retrievers are curious and will go often go exploring if you let them. They also have plenty of courage and work ethic, making them great working dogs.

Golden Retrievers Are Not The Best Guard Dogs

Because of their friendly nature, golden retrievers are not often the best guard dogs. They don’t have a mean bone in their body and tend not to bark much. Golden retrievers will always want to greet strangers and sneak a chance at some playtime.

This makes them a poor choice to defend your home, as they might befriend the intruder instead. If you want a guard dog, a golden retriever may fall short of its responsibilities. However, if you’re looking for a friend or a people dog, you couldn’t make a better choice.

They Can Be Mischievous

This one should be obvious for anyone scrolling social media. Goldens have a penchant for tomfoolery and mischief, which can often be hilarious. Golden retriever puppies are particularly notorious for this.

Part of this stems from their natural curiosity but also their relaxed and loving nature. You’ll know your golden feels at home when they can kick back and be goofy. It’s a trait you can manage with training but will never fully leave them.

Golden Retriever Temperament

When it comes to golden retriever temperament, there’s more to discuss. While temperament is often a genetic arch-type and can differ from dog to dog, most of it is solid. We’ll go into some major examples next.

Golden Retrievers Are Good With Other Animals

A major benefit of goldens is how good they are with other animals. This is a huge factor for families with multiple dogs or a cat. You’ll find this is true for most goldens right off the bat, and for the others, they warm up pretty quickly.

They May Have Trouble Behaving in Public

Because goldens are so friendly, they sometimes have trouble behaving in public. Their temperament naturally pulls them toward new potential friends. You’ll have to be patient and work with them to improve their recall and their sit, stay, and heel commands.

It’s normal for them to get excited, especially in crowded places. You can work on these through socialization and by going slow. Take them to less crowded or busy places first, and work your way up until they get the hang of it.

They Don’t Bark That Much

Golden retrievers don’t bark all that much for a dog of their size. They aren’t 100% silent and will vocalize their feelings sometimes, but not often. They don’t usually bark for long periods unless they’re in distress or something is wrong.

This barking behavior doesn’t mean your dog won’t communicate at all. Keep an eye out for body language and physical contact. Your golden is smart and attentive, meaning they’ll tell you if something is up.

How To Make Sure Your Golden Has A Great Temperament

Making sure your golden retriever puppy has a great temperament is important. As we said, some of this comes built in, but you also have to work on it. There are two major things you need to do.

As mentioned prior, dogs are often the product of their master’s upbringing.

If you want to ensure your golden has that loveable personality, start socializing them at a young age. Don’t be afraid to take them to the dog park and meet some new friends. Training is a must, and golden retrievers are usually eager to please.

It also helps to get a puppy from a reputable breeder, not from any pet store or puppy mill. At My Golden Retriever Puppies, we breed and raise our puppies with the love and attention they deserve.

Golden Retriever Traits

Aside from personality and temperament, goldens have great traits. These include their trainability, intelligence, and energy levels. It also includes behaviors to watch out for, like chewing.

For a quick dive, keep reading.

Golden Retrievers Are Smart

Golden retrievers are much more intelligent than people give them credit for. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering how often they become specialized working dogs.

A great example is how the police love using them as sniffers and tracking dogs. As long as you put in the work, your golden will be able to flex its stuff.

Golden Retrievers Are Easy To Train

Another trait worth knowing is that goldens are super easy to train. This has a lot to do with their intelligence and obedient and loving personality. They’re loyal and always want to please their paw-rents, so it works out quite well.

Golden Retrievers Need Exercise

Despite being pretty flexible with their energy levels, Goldens still need to exercise. They’re big dogs with plenty of energy, and they want to burn it. If you don’t provide an outlet for your dog to exercise, it will manifest in your dog’s behavior.

Examples of this include frequent zoomies around the house or getting into messes. If you neglect your dog’s needs, they can develop destructive habits. Find a balance that works for both of you, and recognize that most goldens aren’t lazy dogs.

They Can Be Chewers

Goldens can be chewers, and this stems from adolescence. Teething golden puppies will chew anything they can get their hands on. A great way to handle this is training and exercise.

Goldens need stimulation. Playing tug of war or fetch is a great way to address that bad chewing habit. A stimulating chew toy can also condition them to understand what is and isn’t acceptable to chew.

All About Golden Retriever Puppies and Golden Retriever Personality Quirks

Golden retriever puppies are some of the best dogs you could hope for. They are cute and smart, easy to train and grow up to be fantastic family dogs. They are humankind’s best friends, and the golden retriever personality proves that.

If you’re serious about bringing a golden home, My Golden Retriever Puppies is the place to look. If you’re wondering how much are golden retriever puppies, see our all of our well-bred and gorgeous pups for sale that are ready to go home after eight weeks, with all their shots and documentation. Visit us today to bring the newest addition to your family home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Retriever Personalities

What is the Attitude of a Golden Retriever?

A golden retriever is happy, loyal, affectionate, non-aggressive, and almost always friendly. They get along with almost everyone, including kids, strangers, and other animals. They’re also happy to run around with you or relax on the couch, so they’re pretty flexible.

Do Golden Retrievers Bark a lot?

Golden retrievers don’t bark a lot unless something is up. They’re good at using body language and subtle body language instead. For example, your puppy may boop things with their nose or use their paws to communicate.

Are Golden Retrievers Well Behaved?

Golden retrievers are some of the most well-behaved dogs out there. This makes them great for families as long as they’re socialized and treated well. If you train, exercise, and stimulate them, you won’t have any real problems with their behavior.

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