How to Keep a Golden Retriever Healthy During Summer

How to Keep a Golden Retriever Healthy During Summer

With the summer months approaching, your thoughts may be turning to keeping your golden retriever as healthy and comfortable throughout the warmer weather as possible. With their trademark thick coats, golden retrievers are prone to overheating, so it’s important to take steps to ensure their well-being. Happily, following the guide below should be enough to keep your pooch happy even when the thermometer shoots up.

Water and Shade are Vital

Of course, a pet always needs access to plenty of fresh water – but this is even more important in the summer when your pet’s water requirements will increase in line with the heat. It’s best to keep several bowls in different areas of the house and check them regularly to see if they need refilling. You may be surprised at how often you need to do this, especially when the temperature really rises.

To keep your golden retriever healthy it’s also important to provide him with a cool, shaded area to rest and snooze. If you don’t have any natural shade in your backyard, use a patio, umbrella, or canopy to create a shaded area. Don’t forget to ensure there’s a cool spot in the house, too, perhaps a room where the shades remain closed. You may want to consider purchasing a cooling mat, which you can pick up at many pet stores and online retailers; they provide a cool surface for your pooch to relax on and absorb body heat to help keep him as comfortable as possible.

Stay Off Hot Pavements

In the summer months, the pavements can get so hot that they can burn the sensitive pads on the bottom of your dog’s feet – ouch! As a general rule, if the pavements are uncomfortable for you to walk on barefoot, they are for your canine companion, too. Either stick to grassy areas or – the best idea – go out for a walk during the coolest parts of the day, which tend to be early morning and evening.

Cool Treats and Activities

Your doggo will definitely appreciate this tip: freeze some dog-friendly treats in ice-cube trays and offer them when the day heats up. As well as helping to cool your pooch down, this will provide some entertainment, especially useful if it’s too hot to get out for a walk.

How about partially filling the kids’ paddling pool with cool water to see if your golden retriever wants a dip? You might be tempted to have a little paddle, too!

Get Grooming

Golden retrievers’ lovely fur may look great but can easily cause them to overheat when the weather turns hot. Prevent this by regularly grooming your dog to remove loose fur and help get the air circulating around your dog’s skin. It’s an effective means of keeping your pet’s coat healthy, too, not to mention being a wonderful way to bond.

Watch Out for Signs of Overheating

Despite your best efforts, there’s always the risk of your golden retriever overheating in very hot weather. Knowing the signs means that should this happen, you can seek veterinary assistance immediately. Signs of overheating include:

  • Excessive panting

  • An unusual amount of drooling

  • Vomiting

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Lethargy

Heatstroke can be life-threatening, so it really is important to get your dog seen by a vet as soon as possible if you think they are suffering from this.

Use Sun Protection

It’s not just humans that can get sunburnt; pets can suffer, too. In the summer, consider investing in specific dog sunscreen; remember to reapply every four to six hours and after any considerable time is spent in water. Spots to pay particular attention to are the tips of your dog’s ears, the bridge of the nose, inside the legs, and the underbelly.

You may even want to get a UV sunsuit for your dog to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. They’re available in a range of sizes, and, yes, they look super cute, too.

Take Out Pet Insurance

In terms of emergency care, one of the best ways to keep your furry friend healthy in the summer and throughout the year is to take out a dog insurance plan. Pet insurance is a great way to protect your beloved pet: it will usually cover vet costs should they suffer an accident or injury, need surgery, or develop a new illness. Many insurance providers also provide wellness plans which, as well as protecting your dog in terms of emergency care, cover him for regular wellness examinations and injections.

The Takeaway

You want the very best for your golden retriever, and taking just a few steps and precautions when the weather heats up can keep them healthy and happy all summer long. This means the only hot dogs this summer will be those on the barbecue!

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