How To Pick a Golden Retriever Breeder

Finding A Trusted Golden Retriever Breeder

You’ve said yes to the commitment of a new little companion…now what?

It’s time to start the process of finding a trusted breeder and we’re going to take you common signs that you’re dealing with a reputable, high quality and experienced breeder below.

  • Experience. Experience in breeding is important and your chosen breeder should have an excellent track record with plenty of referrals from past clients.
  • Expertise. A great breeder is a tried and true expert of the breed. They answer any questions and understand the heritage, genetic disposition and intricacies of the Golden Retriever.
  • The breeder ask you questions. A great breeder isn’t eager to sell or give a pitch; rather, they truly care about their puppies.  They want to find the best possible homes for them. When a breeder asks you questions and wants to meet your family, that’s a great sign.
  • Authenticity. Does the breeder allow you on his/her premises to pick out a puppy?  Be wary of a breeder who insists on shipping/delivery, and comes up with excuses to not allow you to see the home where the pups were raised.
  • Cleanliness and environment. Are the puppies raised in a humane, sanitary, happy environment? Ideally, you want to find a breeder who takes pride in the environment he provides for his/her dogs and puppies.

In summary, use your own intuition to evaluate the intangibles.  This is why a face-to-face meeting or visit can be so beneficial.  It could make the difference between finding a sweet, healthy life-long companion or making a regrettable decision.

Galen has been connecting quality Golden Retriever breeders with loving families since 2012 and is the founder of My Golden Retriever Puppies. He and his wife have four children and love spending time together, traveling (lived oversees for 4 years), enjoying the outdoors and connecting Golden families.