Alisha from Ohio

Leo is just a few weeks shy of turning 11 months old! We can’t believe he will be a year old already. We love Leo very much and we know he loves us very much too. Especially the way he loves to wake us up in the morning to his yawns. They are loud and very obnoxious. Lol Or how he thinks that we are awake when we are turning over so he decides to lick our faces until we get up.

Leo has grown so much from when we first got him and from when we sent a picture of him at 6 months. Leo loves to go on walks. I have to start spelling it out because he is ready to go now and not in a little bit.

He also has been digging in our backyard. It’s been raining and snowing this week and it’s prime time for him to dig. Which results in many baths. We are on a daily basis now. So we are ready for the spring showers to end!!

The one picture is when he jumped on the chair with Daniel. He lays on his back like that all the time. The other one is just from him tonight!

He sure is spoiled here and loved so much! Hope all is well with you!

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