Jonathan from Ohio

Teddy has brought our family so much happiness! He’s a real goon, 54 lbs of energy and joy! He is a Golden of the highest quality. His appearance, temperament, and behavior are perfection. The care prior to adoption made us feel so confident in our adoption. We just love Teddy. We actively recommend mygoldenretrieverpuppies.com to all our family and friends. Thank you for bringing us so much love and joy in our Golden.

Alexa from Illinois

Randy is doing great! He handled all of the traveling today like a champ! Picking him up from the airport was such a pleasant experience. I was so worried it would be too stressful for him, but he has just been so loving and playful since we picked him up. We are so happy to have him!

Jack from Ohio

Easton with his new brother Brodie. He wasted no time finding the lake and getting his toes wet. He is sleeping on my feet now. Thanks for the puppy.

Tim from Ohio

This is Ruby. We brought her home in December and she is almost 6 months old. She is a beautiful and gentle puppy that loves being around the kids. Everyone that meets her falls in love.

Emily from Ohio

Hello! Our puppy is so much fun and growing so fast! We adopted Cody and named him Darby! He’s a beautiful color and very loving! We would highly recommend adopting from here. Thanks again.

Rachel from Ohio

We purchased a golden puppy last October and we absolutely love her!!! She is the sweetest dog. The experience was nothing but pleasant for us and we are so happy we made the decision to purchase her from your site.

Erica from Florida

Galen, We wanted to thank you for such a great puppy and for making the process so easy for us. Missy, now Ruby, is adjusting well and learning quickly. Thanks again!

Review of Lou (now Daisy)

Our family has been so blessed with Lou (now Daisy). She is 9 months now and LOVES all people and animals and is so smart. You can tell by her gentle demeanor and beauty that she has incredible lineage from her parents Diamond and Kayla. Her breeders, Ruth and Jacob were so kind and made the process really easy for us. Thank you for breeding your Goldens with care and love. We are loving life with our Daisy Lou!

Carrie from Ohio

John & Debra from Massachusetts

Cooper is going great! He trained fast but is still a little mischievous. Lol. We thought the whole process of buying him and having him shipped went very easy. I recommended a friend to you who is looking to buy a golden.

Alison from Virginia

We are so happy with our puppy! We renamed him Bodie, and he is a great dog! He is very smart and he gets compliments all the time on his coloring and how handsome he is. He was the runt, but has caught up and is now about 45 pounds of lap dog ?. He is very sweet and loves to be anywhere we are. We are so glad we got Bodie — he really completes our family!

Brianna & Austin from Tennessee

Hey, it’s Brianna. I bought Gabi from you guys and I just wanted to send you a few pictures of her, today was her 1st birthday. She’s doing very good, loves playing outside with her toys and taking walks at rock creek. She loves to be around other dogs, very playful! She knows how to sit, shake, roll over and lay down, she listens very well! She’s a wonderful dog, very well protective over the family especially the toddler. She knows when your sad and likes to make you happy by jumping in your lap and licking you to death. We love her to pieces and thank you for selling us a wonderful dog

Kidd’s from CO

Thank you for Chewbacca he is so fun and fits right in our family.

Kara from Ohio

Hi! Just wanted to send some photos of little Libby! I am so happy that I chose you guys to find my little baby. This is my first time ever having a pet and I am so in love! She is so perfect and everyone in Columbus stops when they see her outside. I have heard she is the cutest puppy people have ever seen so many times! Thank you again!

Bob & Sharon from Texas

Our baby, Texas Ranger is growing up, already 4 months old, he finished his potty training in the first two weeks after he arrived, sleeps through the night and loves to take walks through the neighborhood. Already well traveled, with the flights from Ohio to Texas and a road trip to go camping at Walt Disney World, Ranger he is keeping busy!

Next week he starts Puppy Kindergarten to fine tune his skills and behavior. He is one smart, handsome, and happy puppy. Today he started at Camp Bow Wow to give him the opportunity to play a socialize with some other pups.

Amy from Ohio

Our puppy is amazing.We just love our dog! She is absolutely perfect. Daisy is everything that we expected. As a puppy she never really got into a lot of things, never chewed anything up. She loves to cuddle and go for walks. I can not tell you how happy we are with her. I do have to say that she is definitely spoiled by each and everyone of us. My kids wished we would have gotten her brother also… I guess I do also but we are so satisfied with her! His temperament is so gentle and kind with our 4-year-old and he is a smart pup. It didn’t take him long to potty train at all. Everyone who comes into our house is just amazed at what a good puppy he is…the perfect addition to our family. This was Donald, but we call him Miles now. Thanks for the wonderful experience! It was our first time buying a puppy and we couldn’t be happier.

Caitlyn from Ohio

Hey Galen! Missy is absolutely fantastic! We have another little dog, a Pomeranian, and they are best friends. She loves literally everyone and is beautiful. She is very small (40lbs) but exactly what we were looking for. She’s very smart, she even waits before she eats her sisters food leftovers. We could not have asked for a better dog. We are so happy with her we already refer you and will use you in the future if you still breed. Thank you for our addition to our family!

Susan from Connecticut

Skye is doing fantastic ! She is just over 8 months old, weighs 57 pounds, and everyone cannot get over her dark, rich color. She is friendly, loving, has a great personality, follows me everywhere, and has been very easy to train. She will even retrieve, something we could not get our past two goldens to do!! Thank you for a great dog!

Rachel from California

We got Jada back in September and love her SO much! We renamed her “Charlie”, and she is the smartest pup in the world. She absolutely loves playing soccer, playing in water, and is best friends with our cat Kyla. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you!!!

Beth from Pennsylvania

Lady is doing great! She is a wonderful 5 month old puppy-dog!

Alissa from Ohio

Oscar is doing really well here in Cleveland!! He even has his own Instagram page! ? we are so thankful we bought him!! Thanks so much!!

Carrie from Ohio

Just wanted to thank you for steering us to the perfect dog for our family! Henry will be five months old the end of this month, and he couldn’t be sweeter or more fun! We adore him! Thank you!

Update 9-13-16: Hi Galen! About a year ago my husband and I started searching for a golden retriever who would become part of our family. Never could we have dreamed how much our Henry would bless all of us. He’s now a year old, and he is our daughter’s confidant and best friend. He’s so incredibly sweet and good with her! Thank you again for putting us in touch with the awesome family who raised Henry until he was old enough to join ours!

Shannon from Ohio

Payton is doing great, she has the best personality and is such a great companion. She will be turning 9 months in a few weeks. I had a wonderful experience getting her through your company! So glad I got her.

Jim from Ohio

Chloe (now Wrigley), is doing great by the way–very healthy, energetic and beautiful.

Emily from Ohio

We are so happy we found Leo through your site. He is so beautiful and an amazing puppy at almost 6 months old. Wherever we go, people comment how well mannered and handsome he is. Thank you for caring so much about your puppies! We can’t imagine our family without him now.

Jessica from Ohio

We are so in love with our golden, Olive. She is seriously the best puppy we have ever known—calm, kind, and not a chewer! Everyone in the neighborhood knows her and loves her. She is around 40 pounds now and almost 5 months old.

Paula from West Virginia

Our puppy is wonderful…. here are some pics. Sadie and my daughter are best buddies.

Gary from Ohio

Kenny is one year old tomorrow and thought you may like an update. He’s 65 pounds, very active and playful, loved by everyone one he comes into contact with animal or human. Extremely smart and eager to please, loves the water. By far best dog I’ve ever had. Thank you for him!

Jeff from Maine

Wesley loves his new family and we love him. He’s doing great up here in Maine, loving the snow. He’s studied pretty hard to graduate from a couple puppy schools. That picture of him in the chair was not staged. My wife was having devotions and got up to do something. When she returned she found him in the chair. Thanks for sharing you puppy with us.

Miranda from Texas

Getting our girl, Lola, from My Golden Retriever Puppies was a great decision!! Despite being in Texas, I felt like I was included in the puppy picking process with several pictures, videos, and personality feedback from the in-home breeder, and Lola was everything I asked for–a spunky, friendly girl that’s ready to hike and fetch all day but also ready to cuddle and chill. She’s everything you would expect a golden to be with a a very typical golden personality, friendliness, and intelligence. Obviously, her parents were well-matched for their personality, temperament, and looks. Lola arrived in Texas by plane with no issues and already making friends with the airline personnel. When it comes time to get Lola a sister, we will absolutely be repeat customers!

Terri from Arizona

Oh, what a cute little girl! Tori’s wonderful. She’s been eating and drinking well, and I played with her last night after she got off the plane. We will continue to let you know how she’s doing, but what a beautiful dog. Thank you so much, and we’re so glad that she got here safely. Thank you again!

Rosemary from Ohio

Sammy has been to puppy class, obedience one, heel class and passed all three with flying colors! They are amazed at how smart he is. I’ve been asked to do Competition Obedience but I have declined that is not what I want for him I just want him to be a Happy Baby. We are going to try agility just so we can have fun. We ran a campaign at my job during the election for some fun “Sammy for president,” and believe me he would have WON!!!

Steven from California

Hi Galen! I didn’t want to text you so late at night but we picked up Bobby around 10:00 PM. Everyone in the family just loves him and he is settling in just fine. We will be taking him to see the vet in the next day or two. Thank you so much!

Chloe from Texas

Hey Galen! I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to send you some pictures of Brady! She’s so perfect. We love her!!! Thanks again for getting us together.

Stacey from Ohio

Thank you for Libby, she’s been a joy! -Stacy

Alisha from Ohio

Leo is just a few weeks shy of turning 11 months old! We can’t believe he will be a year old already. We love Leo very much and we know he loves us very much too. Especially the way he loves to wake us up in the morning to his yawns. They are loud and very obnoxious. Lol Or how he thinks that we are awake when we are turning over so he decides to lick our faces until we get up.

Leo has grown so much from when we first got him and from when we sent a picture of him at 6 months. Leo loves to go on walks. I have to start spelling it out because he is ready to go now and not in a little bit.

He also has been digging in our backyard. It’s been raining and snowing this week and it’s prime time for him to dig. Which results in many baths. We are on a daily basis now. So we are ready for the spring showers to end!!

The one picture is when he jumped on the chair with Daniel. He lays on his back like that all the time. The other one is just from him tonight!

He sure is spoiled here and loved so much! Hope all is well with you!

Justin & Kayla from North Dakota

Here is Skyler! He is a big boy now!!

Lyndsay from Ohio

We absolutely love him! He is the best! Thank you so much!

Mike from Phoenix

The pups are adorable Galen, thanks much for holding them for us. They came to a great home. Very happy we got sisters, they play like that and after a bath both passed out!! We will send pics in a few months.

Update: Hey Galen, I thought I would send another pic of our dogs. Super cute photo since they are almost full grown now. Nearly impossible to tell them apart unless it’s my wife or me looking at them. Anyway, thanks again for the great dogs!! Both are fully potty trained and couldn’t be better house dogs.

Alisha & Daniel from Ohio

Hi Galen! Just wanted to give an update on Leo! He just turned 3 months on Tuesday! He loves being outside playing fetch and running around our tree in our backyard! He knows how to sit and he is beginning to learn how to stay. He knows what outside and potty means, and loves to go bye. He loves to give kisses too! The second visit with the vet was this week and she said he is very healthy! Leo is so very loved and we love watching him grow! He is so much fun!

Lynn from Arizona

It was so nice meeting you and visiting your lovely homestead. I wanted to let you know that Roxy is doing wonderful and growing fast. She has a very sweet temperament and has quickly learned to sit, lay down, and bark when she wants out. Her favorite activity to do is play in our garden, darting through the broccoli plants. Also, I wanted to let you know I had no problems taking her on Southwest airlines. They didn’t ask for any information, her age, or anything. In fact they didn’t even look at her. She did great on the flight and was quiet the whole time. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful puppy!

Charity from Ohio

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Smith is such a great addition to our family and is already loved by all 7 of us. You have done an amazing job with these puppies. He cried a little on the way home but quickly found a spot on the passenger seat and went to sleep. He didn’t have any accidents or get sick. Then once we got home and he woke up he ate and played and slept all night in his crate (only waking and crying once). He is also very well potty trained using his potty pads every time. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done with this puppy. Kuddos to you and your family for such a nice job on our new little buddy. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family!

Valerie from Florida

Hi! I just wanted to update you on our new pup!! We took him to the vet yesterday and everything seems fine. Everywhere we go, everyone wants to pet him and thinks he’s so cute!! We renamed him Duke. He has slept through both nights without whining and sleeps a bunch during the day. He runs around our yard like nobody’s business!! We’re sooo happy with him!

Carol & Joe from Ohio

Charlie could not be a better Golden Retriever pup. He’ll be 4 months old next weekend and he loves everyone he meets! He’s a cuddle bug in the home without being overly dependent or clingy. He’s very even and balanced. Nothing phases him. If another dog is aggressive, he just ignores it. There is not a mean bone in his body. Housebreaking went very well and he barks to go out. We get a lot of tender kisses from him.

It’s hard to describe Charlie’s color so far, but I’d call it light butterscotch. His permanent coat is coming in about 6-8 inches wide down his back, and it’s quite straight, no curls. Feathering has just begun on his tail. He still has his fuzzy, puppy head hair. He’s learned to lick us instead of play biting. He’s also learned a lot of English words and learns very fast, like the second try. His bark is deepening, and I joke that he is in his ugly duckling stage – our gangly teenager. Still, he is handsome enough that occasionally, people stop their cars to ask about him and admire him. He is our social ambassador. He’s getting so big that it’s hard to remember that he’s still a puppy!

He shares a trait with his 1/2 brother who lives across the street – they like to get up on a couch pillow at the back of the couch behind us and put their head on our shoulders. Obviously, both are quite spoiled.

Jennifer from Ohio

We absolutely adore our “Puddy” and are so happy we found him! He is 20 lbs of fun right now. Mild tempered and loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

Brad from Ohio

We had Bella checked out by the Vet all was good. Also she is fitting in VERY well. We just wanted to thank you and your wife for this wonderful pup. We are very satisfied.

Lori from Ohio

We got Luca “Charmer” back in October. He is everything we expected and more. He is very smart and quite the cuddler. He has brought such joy to our family that we are debating a little sister for him!

Eric from Ohio

Hello from Eric and Amanda. We have been really enjoying Remington and he is a beast!

Kristin from Ohio

Brady is doing awesome. He is almost 7 months now, continues to get bigger (he is at about 65lbs right now) and is healthy. He loves the dog park and doggy daycare so he can play with the other dogs. He’s smart, loyal and good natured. Our experience was nothing short of wonderful in working with you and the family.

Brian & Sarah from Ohio

Hello Galen! Simba (previously known as Bear) is 14 weeks old now, and he is such an amazing puppy. He is on track to become a certified therapy dog when he turns one year old, and he has learned a handful of tricks already. He can sit, shake hands, high five, and lay down with ease. He is such a blessing to us, and we are so grateful for the puppy y’all have provided us with. Seriously though, what a gem. Thank you so much, and we hope to stay in touch!

Bob & Sharon from Texas

Hi Galen, just thought I would share a photo of Texas Ranger (formerly Morris) on his first birthday. He is on our front porch on the lookout for marauding squirrels. He is happy and healthy, for a big puppy!

Patricia from Ohio

Merry Christmas from Hazel! Santa was really good to her! She’s so smart and such a good puppy! We love her!

Nadine from Arizona

We love our little girl. Renamed her Calista Belle, we call her Cali, she plays long and hard, and then crashed into slumber, where I know she is just recharging! Follows us everywhere. Thank you for this little slice of heaven.

The Dilemme Family from Massachusetts

In February 2017, we lost our Maltese Manny and decided to get Bentley in March. He has brought us so much happiness! Easily house broken, learned sit, lay down, hi-five and paw, and graduated puppy school! He just turned 6 months old on July 4, he loves everyone, loves the ocean and the pool, and loves to give you hugs when asked, he’s very loyal and has the best personality. Everywhere we go people stop and comment how beautiful he is. He is a gentle and loving boy.

Lori from Ohio

This is our Scout. He is a healthy, rambunctious, loving boy. He has brought us so much joy after losing our precious golden of 12 years Boomer Bear. Thank you for him. Scout is very much loved.

Christine from Ohio

We can’t believe Leo will be 1 year old next month! He was so easy to potty train and crate train. He’s still a bit obsessed with food. He snatched my husband’s dinner off the counter tonight. That’s our biggest hurdle, but it will get better in time. We think he’s very handsome! Glad we found him through your website!

Brittany from Texas

I purchased Noah from you almost 2 years ago, and Fitz about 8 months ago. They are both the sweetest dogs ever!! I have loved every minute of having them and am so fortunate that they have been in good health since bringing them home. I have a picture attached, Noah is the larger pup, Fitz the smaller. They are the best brothers and friends I’m so grateful for them and often refer people to you when they ask me where I got my Goldens from.

Kelly from Ohio

It has been a year since we got Max (aka Galax). He has been such a delight. Our vet says he looks better (his markings and build) then most dogs she sees that are show dogs.

Courtney from Ohio

I have Finley, who was originally named Logan on the site. He just turned one on February 28th. I’ve attached a few of my favorite pictures of him now that he’s grown-though I’m always taking them. He’s gorgeous! I am so incredibly happy with him. He’s a typical Golden-loves anyone/anything he meets, going on adventures with me, and of course swimming!

I can seriously take him anywhere with me and he behaves like a pro. He’s had such an impressively calm demeanor ever since I brought him home at 8 weeks-like he was born with it. I have always gotten compliments on how well he does out in public.

He’s such an amazing dog. Bringing him home was the best decision I’ve ever made! Thanks so much for him. We’re inseparable!

Kristyn from Ohio

Hello Galen! Mack is just a joy. He is sturdy, handsome and full of fun! I adore him. Can not thank you enough!

Tracy from Kentucky

We absolutely love our dog Oakley! He is awesome. He is doing well and has been in training and completely disciplined.

Our experience was the best!!! You all are such great breeders and highly recommend you to all our friends and family.

Tina from Florida

I purchased two puppies on Wednesday and had them delivered by Friday. The service was very friendly, fast and the puppies are a dream come true!! Highly recommend this seller.

Tessa from Mexico

Tom is doing great! He is such a joy, we absolutely adore him! Thanks so much!

Tammy from Ohio

This is Callie Mae. Previously named Maggie. She was born June 29, 2016. She is very loved and spoiled at her new home.

Maggie from Ohio

Our puppy is amazing. His temperament is so gentle and kind with our 4-year-old and he is a smart pup. It didn’t take him long to potty train at all. Everyone who comes into our house is just amazed at what a good puppy he is…the perfect addition to our family. This was Donald, but we call him Miles now. Thanks for the wonderful experience! It was our first time buying a puppy and we couldn’t be happier.

Mary from Arizona

Hi Galen this is Mary and I wanted to share with you how awesome Mario aka now called Toby is! He is growing up to be a happy smart and good looking puppy! He is a joy to have and wanted to say thank you for everything. We are truly happy with our decision to purchase one of your cute puppies! These are some recent pictures. The one photo is from Doggie Day Camp and the puggle is Lucy his sibling lol! They are play so well together! Happy holidays and have a safe and happy New Year!

Rick from Florida

Hi Galen! We purchased Chance (now called Tucker) from you and Robert Raber 3 years ago. Tucker has grown into an extremely gorgeous Golden Retriever (the Sire was Pudgey). Tucker is dearly loved, very smart, and of course spoiled. Here are 2 recent pictures of him. We wanted to say “Thank you” for making it a great experience working with both you and Robert, which is why we returned to this site when we were looking for a second puppy, a brother for Tucker. We were so excited to hear that Robert had puppies ready to adopt, and we receive Austin (now called Teddy) tomorrow and we love knowing that he is Pudgey’s grandson! Thank you again!

Tammy from Texas

He is doing just great, has plenty of Kong toys and actually sleeps in the bed with me since he is an inside dog. He loves running around the oak tree as fast as he can in the back yard and makes sounds to talk to me. He still barks at his reflection in the glass of the French doors at night but has the mirror figured out. He is beautiful and very loving, still tries to chew on rugs and paper or pen when he can reach one (like off the kitchen table) LOL. The vet had me take him off puppy food early and put him on regular food, she said he was growing too fast. I feed him Rachel Ray’s Nutrish with the vegetables in it and he loves it.