What Size Crate For Golden Retriever (& which type to buy!)

Today, we’re going to show you exactly what size crate you need for your Golden Retriever based on their size and age. 

We’ll also break down what types of crates are best, and share some of our personal favorites.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the correct crate size is essential for your Golden Retriever’s comfort, safety, and training effectiveness. 
  • Measure your Golden Retriever’s height, length, and width to determine the appropriate crate size. 
  • Consider the age of your Golden Retriever when selecting a crate. 
  • Different types of crates offer different advantages and disadvantages.
  • Using the wrong crate size can lead to discomfort, restricted movement, and anxiety. 
  • Make sure you  understand the role of a crate, not just for training but also transportation. 
  • Crate training for Golden Retrievers requires proper timing and practice. 
  • Where to place the crate and what to put in it will help make the most of your crate. 

How To Determine The Right Crate Size For Your Golden Retriever 

To ensure your Golden Retriever is comfortable and has enough space in their crate, you need to measure them accurately. Golden Retrievers will typically grow to by 20 to 24 inches tall and up to 75 lbs, so you need to make sure to get them the right size crate. 

Follow these steps to determine the size of your dog: 

  1. Measure the height of your Golden Retriever: 
    • Have your dog stand up straight, Measure from the floor to the top of their shoulder blades. 
    • Add around 2-4 inches to this measurement to determine the minimum height for the crate. 
  2. Measure the length of your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail.
    • Remember to add 2 to 4 inches to the measurement. 
  3. Measure their width by having your Golden Retriever standing with their legs slightly apart.     
    • Focus your attention on the widest part of their body, which tends to be the chest area. Once again, always add up to 4 inches to the figure. 
  4. Finally, you want to consider the age of your Golden Retriever. 
    • For example, if you have a puppy, keep in mind that they will grow rapidly. 
    • You may want to choose a crate that will work for their adult size or opt for an adjustable crate with dividers, so you can gradually increase the space as they grow. 
    • Your Golden Retriever puppy will rapidly outgrow a nice crate that is not suited for an adult size. 

Now that you have all the measurements, you can refer to this Crate Size Calculator to find out the right and best dog crate size for your golden retriever. 

Types of Crates For Golden Retrievers 

Crates come not only in different sizes, but also with different structural elements. Below, we explain the pros and cons of each type of crate. 

Wire Crates

Wire crates are popular due to their durability and visibility, They provide excellent ventilation and are easy to clean. However, bear in mind that some Golden Retrievers tend to find them less cozy than other options. 

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are a popular choice for travel. They offer more privacy and create a den-like environment for your Golden Retriever. Being lightweight, they are easy to transport and provide a sense of security. However, they may not offer as much airflow as wire crates. 

Steel Crates

Steel crates are considered to be the heavy duty dog crates because it’s incredibly sturdy and secure. They are perfectly suitable for strong and aggressive chewers, which is a frequent issue among puppies! Bear in mind that steel crates can be heavy and less budget-friendly than other crate types. 

Soft Crates

Lightweight and collapsible, soft crates are convenient for temporary use, such as short transportation needs. They are not suitable for dogs that like to chew or scratch as they are easily damaged. 

Aesthetic Crates 

Who doesn’t love the idea of an aesthetic crate that blends seamlessly with your home decor? These crates come in various materials, including wood or wicker, and provide a stylish alternative to traditional crates. Yet, they may be less durable, and some favor design over ventilation. 

Recommendations for Best Golden Retriever Crates

We suggest discussing crate recommendations with your veterinarian and your Golden Retriever breeder for tips and favorite brands. But if you haven’t had the opportunity to talk to a breeder, here are our recommendations for a safe space for your Golden Retriever to rest and relax: 

Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate:

This wire crate is available in various sizes and offers a divider panel for puppy training. It has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning and folds down for storage. 

4.5/5 stars with 186,901 ratings 

Amazon Review: 

“Perfect for our puppy!

The crate is just as described, well made, easy to assemble, no sharp edges”


  • Comes in a variety of sizes that make it easy to choose the right one for your dog.
  • Having double doors on the crate is a practical feature as it offers convenient access and flexibility in terms of crate placement. 
  • The secure locking mechanism adds an extra layer of safety.


  • While the crate is generally considered of decent quality, there could be durability concerns for dogs with a history of trying to escape crates. This means it might not be the most suitable option for such dogs.

Petmate Sky Kennel:

This plastic crate is airline-approved in the USA and provides a secure and comfortable space for your Golden Retriever during air travel. It features ventilation on all sides and a durable, heavy-duty construction.

4.5/5 stars with 2,853 ratings 

Amazon Review: 

Sturdy. Withstood 2600 mile flight.
Arrived on time. Easy to set up. Met all airline guidelines for flying pets. The dog had ample room for a mat.”


  • Easy assembly and lightweight: It is convenient to assemble the crate, and its lightweight nature made it manageable to move around. Adding that this is also rust resistant!
  • Spacious and roomy: The crate offered plenty of space for dogs to stand up and move around comfortably. It provided adequate room for a large dog’s needs.


  • Durability concerns: Considering the price paid for these crates, it was mentioned by previous buyers that they were not as sturdy as expected. This raised doubts about their long-term durability.
  • Potential safety issues: The crate had plastic edges and lips that protruded, which proved problematic for dogs with severe separation anxiety. It’s crucial to exercise caution if your dog has anxiety issues or tends to try to escape.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage:

If you have a strong and powerful Golden Retriever, this steel crate is an excellent choice. It has reinforced steel tubing and multiple locks for maximum security.

4.7/5 stars with 1,389 ratings 

Amazon Review:

Legit durable.

My dog escaped from and destroyed a standard $100 cage from petsmart. This cage I’ve had for a few months and not one issue. Worth this price if you have a strong pup that needs sufficient caging while you’re away from the house. I used to worry while I was out, and would come home to a 45 min cleanup, not anymore! Thanks for the great product that is, as advertised.”


  • Unmatched security: This crate provides an exceptional level of security, even for dogs with extreme anxiety and escape tendencies. 
    • It effectively prevents the dog from escaping and causing damage to the surroundings, giving peace of mind when leaving my dog alone.
  • Durability and strength: The crate is built to be indestructible, and it lives up to its claim. 
    • The sturdy construction and quality materials used make it resistant to escape attempts and capable of withstanding the efforts of even the most determined dogs.


  • Inconvenient assembly and weight: The crate can be challenging to assemble due to the use of hex screws, which may not be the most user-friendly option. 
    • Additionally, it is quite heavy, making it less portable and difficult to move around.
  • Grated bottom design: The grated floor of the crate, although intended for easy cleaning in case of accidents, may not be comfortable for dogs to lie on or move around. 
    • Some dogs may find it less appealing, and additional padding or a flat surface may be necessary to ensure their comfort.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate:

This soft crate is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for temporary use. It features three mesh doors for easy access and ventilation. 

4.5/5 stars with 13,086 ratings 

Amazon Review:

“My dog loves it

I am very happy with this crate. My dog felt comfortable and secure enough that he didn’t try to escape. I used it for a weekend dog show and plan on using it often. I may need to purchase another for my other pup!”


  • Well-designed and spacious: This crate offers multiple carrying handles, a convenient storage pocket, and a large holder for a water bottle or thermos. 
    • It provides ample room for your golden retriever puppy  to stand up and stretch out, allowing for comfort and mobility. 
  • Lots of ventilation: The 4-door model offers excellent cross-ventilation options, making it suitable for hot weather conditions.
  • Sturdiness and portability: The crate feels sturdy and durable, giving you confidence in its ability to contain my dog. 
  • Lightweight: Despite its strength, it is relatively lightweight, making it easy to transport and handle. 
    • The included storage bag with various handle options adds to its portability.


  • Limited instructions and assembly complexity: The provided instructions were not comprehensive, and there was a lack of guidance on disassembling the crate. 
    • Assembly can be straightforward, but taking it down and folding it back may require some trial and error. 
  • Soft material vulnerabilities: While the crate is sturdy overall, the mesh door/window flaps may not withstand scratching or chewing from dogs. It may not be suitable for dogs with such behaviors, and additional caution is necessary.
    • Additionally, the larger windows and netting material can pose risks for puppies, as they may get caught or try to escape through them.

Pet Dreams Complete 3 PIece Crate Bedding Set:

This aesthetic crate combines the functionality of a wire crate with a stylish cover. It blends well with home decor and provides a cozy den-like environment for your Golden Retriever. 

4.2 /5 stars with 514 ratings 

Amazon Review:

Finally safe. No more stuck paws.

After my puppy got her paw stuck twice in the kennel bars and woke me up screaming, I knew I needed to find a way to make her kennel safer. This is a great solution. Not only does it keep her from accidently getting caught in the bars, it looks great and is high quality and well made.

My huge kennel looks so much nicer in my room now and the crate pad is pretty nice. I love the option for side or front entry too as my kennel has both.”


  • Improved comfort and coziness: The bumper set enhances the comfort of the crate by providing a plush and soft environment for the dog. 
    • The fabric is described as plush and the bumper and pad offer protection from the wires of the crate, making it more den-like and cozy.
  • Easy access and increased interest: The bumper set seems to have positively influenced the dog’s behavior towards the crate. 
    • It attracted the dog’s attention and encouraged it to enter and stay in the crate willingly, which was previously challenging. The set created a more appealing and inviting space for the dog.


  • Inadequate size and ties: There were issues with the sizing and ties of the bumper set. 
    • The side panels were reported to be slightly short for the cage, which could affect the overall fit and coverage. 
    • Additionally, the ties on the bumper set were not sturdy enough and ripped easily, particularly during playful interactions inside the crate.
  • Misleading washing instructions: While the packaging stated that the set was completely machine washable, the bumper was later found to be spot clean only, resulting in twisting and seams starting to rip after washing. 
    • One user felt that the packaging and description were misleading, and that clearer instructions should have been provided.

Advantages of Choosing the Right Crate Size

  • Comfort 

    • A properly sized crate ensures your Golden Retriever has enough space to lie down, stand, turn around, and stretch comfortably. 
  • Safety

    • The right crate size prevents your Golden Retriever from getting stuck or injured while inside. It reduces the risk of accidents or escape attempts. 
  • Effective House Training 

    • A correctly sized crate aids in house training by discouraging your Golden Retriever from soiling their sleeping area. It helps establish a routine and promotes bladder control. 

Puppies naturally will not potty where they sleep (unless you leave them unattended too long and they can’t hold it anymore!)

If the crate you choose is too small, your dog will be uncomfortable. And if the crate you choose is too big, they may feel comfortable pottying inside of it. That’s no fun for you OR your puppy.

Downsides of Choosing the Wrong Crate Size

Beware of some of the most common issues when picking the wrong crate size. 

  • A crate that is too small can cause discomfort, stiffness, and limited mobility for your dog. 
  • Insufficient space in the crate may prevent your dog from stretching, changing positions, or engaging in natural behaviors. 

Finally, a cramped or confining crate can lead to anxiety and stress for your Golden Retriever, resulting in behavioral issues or reluctance to enter the crate. 

Understanding The Need For A Crate For Your Golden Retriever 

Why Use A Crate? 

A crate offers several benefits for both you and your Golden Retriever. 

Crates provide a secure and private space where your Golden Retriever can retreat when they need rest or alone time. 

The crate helps build a routine and provides a designated area for your dog. 

Crating your Golden Retriever when unsupervised can prevent them from engaging in destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture or household items. 

Finally, a crate will give your dog safety and prevent distractions while traveling in a car or an airplane. 

Benefits Of Crate Training 

Crate training can present many benefits, such as accelerating house training. The crate helps establish a routine and teach your Golden Retriever to hold their bladder and bowels until they are outside. 

For anxious dogs, crate training can provide the safety and secure space they need to rest and feel protected. 

Finally, crate training also reduces separation anxiety through a cozy environment. 

Using A Crate For Transporting Your Golden Retriever

Crates are essential for the safe transportation of your Golden Retriever. Whether it’s a short car ride or a long flight, a crate provides security and minimizes stress. 

Of course, it is important to ensure the crate is well-ventilated and meets the necessary travel requirements and airline approvals. 

Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

When’s The Perfect Time For Crate Training? 

Ideally, you want to start crate training when your Golden Retriever is still a puppy. Puppies are more adaptable and open to learning. However, that being said, crate training can be successful at any age. 

Steps on Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

Step 1: Allow your puppy to explore the crate with the door open. Make it more comfortable by providing toys, blankets, and treats. Please don’t force your puppy inside; reward them when they do.

Step 2: Once your pup is at ease, close the door and bring toys and treats inside. Keep an eye on them and let them out if they become distressed.

Step 3: Increase the time your puppy spends in the crate with the door closed gradually, and step away from the crate while they are distracted.

Step 4: Extend the time you are away from the crate. Begin with short walks outside, and use a pet camera to observe your pup’s behavior.

Remember, crate training requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. It’s important to create a positive association with the crate and make it a safe and comfortable space for your Golden Retriever.

Top Tips for Crate Use and Maintenance

What Should You Put In A Dog Crate And Where To Put It?

  • Make it comfortable! Add a soft and washable bedding for your Golden Retriever to rest on inside the crate.
  • Never rush the introduction phase. Always introduce the crate slowly, allowing your dog to explore and associate it with positive experience. They should always see the crate as a positive place to be.
  • Clean the crate regularly. Opting for washable beddings makes it easy to maintain the crate. You should also wipe down any surface after use, especially for temporary or transportation crates. Remember to use safe and gentle cleaning products. 
  • Provide toys and chewable treats for your dog when they get in the crate. This will engage their mind and keep them entertained. Plus, they’ll learn to love the crate and get excited to go inside!
  • Make sure you put the crate in a quiet, sheltered and well-ventilated spot inside your home. Poor placement of your crate may cause stress for your dog.


Choosing the right crate size for your Golden Retriever is crucial for their comfort, safety, and effective training. Measure your dog accurately and consider their age when selecting a crate. 

Bear in mind that crates can come in a variety of materials, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each crate type. It may be worth having more than one crate if you suspect they will need to cover different purposes. 

Finally, crate training your Golden Retriever provides numerous benefits, both for your dog and for you. 

FAQs About What Size Crate For Golden Retriever 

How long should you crate a Golden Retriever?

The duration depends on your Golden Retriever’s age and needs, Puppy may require more frequent breaks, while adult dogs can stay in the crate for longer periods. Generally, it is recommended not to exceed 4-6 hours for adult dogs. 

Should I crate my Golden Retriever at night?

Crate training your Golden Retriever at night can help with house training and provide a safe space for them. However, ensure the crate is appropriately sized, comfortable, and placed in a quiet area. 

Is it better for dogs to sleep in crate or bed?

It depends entirely on your preference and your dog’s behavior. Some dogs feel more secure and comfortable in a crate, while others may prefer sleeping in a bed.  

What age can dogs stop sleeping in crate?

The age at which dogs can stop sleeping in a crate varies. Some dogs may be ready to sleep outside the crate as early as 6-8 months as they are fully house trained too. 

Others may benefit from longer crate usage as their house training progresses. Gradually introduce sleeping outside the crate and monitor your Golden Retriever’s behavior and response. 

Is there any other way to transport my dog other than in a pet carrier, like in a vehicle’s cargo area?

While it may be tempting to transport your dog in a vehicle’s cargo area, this can be dangerous and even illegal in some states.

Most pet carriers are designed with safety features that protect your dog from injury during travel, such as secure latches and ventilation. 

Additionally, many airlines require pets to be transported in an approved carrier that meets certain size and weight restrictions.

It is always best to consult with a veterinarian or animal transportation specialist for advice on safe and comfortable ways to transport your dog.

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