How to Prepare Your Home For a New Golden Retriever Puppy

You’ve scoured listings of golden retriever puppies for sale and finally found one that seems like a good fit for your family. But is your house ready for your puppy’s arrival? Taking care of a few preparatory steps will ensure your home is ready for a golden retriever puppy.

Perhaps the most important type of home preparation for your puppy comes in the form of scheduling. After all, your golden retriever puppy will need some help with basic needs, like going on walks, eating meals, and going to the bathroom. Plan out which family members will take care of which responsibilities so everyone is on the same page.

Next, you’ll need to puppy-proof your home. Even the best-trained puppies are naturally curious, and as such, you should move hazardous items like electrical chords and chemicals out of reach. Plants and fragile objects should also be moved to higher locations to be kept away from your puppy.

Finally, go out and buy any extra supplies your golden retriever puppy might need! This includes a collar and leash for walks, food bowls for meals, and comfortable bedding for the night. The transition to a new home will be much easier for your pup if you purchase these items beforehand.

By taking care of the above tasks before you bring your golden retriever puppy home, your family will be ready to provide the loving, caring environment every puppy needs.

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Galen has been connecting quality Golden Retriever breeders with loving families since 2012 and is the founder of My Golden Retriever Puppies. He and his wife have four children and love spending time together, traveling (lived oversees for 4 years), enjoying the outdoors and connecting Golden families.